1. What is Xload?

Xload is a universal mobile prepaid airtime recharge platform that you can use to load up any prepaid account under any mobile operator, anywhere in the world.

  1. Where can I get Xload?

Currently Xload is only available on Android phones and can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store.

  1. What operators are available on Xload?

Xload supports any and all existing network operators depending on the user's selected region.

  1. How can I top-up an account other than my own?

Once you have logged onto the Xload mobile app and have accrued enough XLD, simply click on the “Buy Prepaid Load” icon on your dashboard and input the desired mobile number. Xload will then automatically detect the desired operator and show all available prepaid values.

  1. How do I earn XLD?

XLD is the digital credit used in the Xload app. You can begin earning XLD just by signing up and keeping the app installed. XLD will then be rewarded depending on the number of tasks you complete and how much you use our app.

  1. How do referrals on Xload work?

Referrals on Xload are another way to earn XLD. By sharing your personal referral link, you will be able to earn XLD each time a referred user has accrued enough XLD to reach the target amount listed. Personal referral links can be accessed through the “Refer Friends” icon on the Xload home screen.

  1. What do new users get by using a referral code?

Referred users are entitled to a larger sign up reward compared to regular users once they reach their individual targets.

  1. What can I redeem with XLD?

XLD can be used to purchase mobile load or credit for either yourself or anyone you know anywhere in the world.